Lex Products is pleased to announce the promotion of three key individuals, Renee Page, Tom Siko, and Mike Scala.

Renee Page has been promoted to corporate communications director.
For the past three years, Page has served Lex Products as the marketing director, responsible for designing and projecting the Lex brand through creative advertising and promotional campaigns, websites, trade shows, and external communications. In her new role, Renee will be responsible for publicizing Lex’s ability to produce and sell superior power and control systems for demanding markets, both to customers and industry influencers.

“As Lex has grown to include several divisions and numerous markets, communications has become one of the most important activities in the company,” says Bob Luther, CEO of Lex Products. “Renee has demonstrated an amazing ability to produce top quality ads, brochures and sales tools, not to mention our trade show presence. This new position will allow her to insure we maintain high standards company wide,” adds Luther.

“Basically, I will be the guardian of the Lex message,” Page says. “And, in my new role, I will have a two-fold challenge: consistency and frequency. I need to convey a consistent message, look, and feel, with every piece of marketing material, with every external communication, and with every internal sales tool.”

Renee received her BS in Communications from Boston University in 1989, and over the past 15 years, she has held various executive-level marketing and communications positions in the consulting, software, and consumer-product industries

Tom Siko has been promoted to northeastern sales manager.
Siko was hired at the end of 2005 to fulfill a technical sales rep position. During his short tenure he made a significant difference in Lex’s ability to deliver market-superior products and meet customer demands in a timely, courteous manner. In his new position as northeast sales manager, Siko will be responsible for outside sales in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

“This is a very exciting time for us here at Lex. We’ve been growing rapidly, but fortunately, we’ve also been able to hire some really excellent technical inside sales people,” notes Siko. “This opportunity gives me the ability to get out of the office, see customers face-to-face, and reinforce the collaborative relationships that I have begun since coming on board last year.”

“This is a good step for Tom, and a good step for the company,” Mark McKinney, VP of sales, comments. “You can never have enough feet on the street, and Tom has such a good rapport with our customers. One of his first objectives will be to introduce our new product lines, including our new Lex RackTM, our new Electrol DX Dimmer Racks and Margarita Mixer, and our new Low Profile Multicable,” added Mark.

Prior to joining the Lex team, Tom was a production manager and service manager at Hughie’s Audio Visual in Cleveland. He has worked with a number of theatrical companies in the past, including Mainlight Industries in Wilmington, Delaware and received his BFA in Lighting Design from Wright State University in Dayton, OH.

Mike Scala has been promoted to director of operations for Lex Products and its divisions.

“Mike Scala was originally hired as plant manager in December of 2005, and in one short year he has proven to be an invaluable internal resource for us,” notes Bruce Allen, president of Lex Products. “One of his major responsibilities will be to leverage operational synergies across all Lex divisions, as well as across our entire supply chain—not an easy task, I might add.”

“The truth is that the systems and infrastructures of yesterday just can’t handle the growth that Lex has been undergoing these past few years,” explains Scala. “My most critical objectives will be to build a cohesive, flexible, and dynamic operations team to enhance our technology, and streamline our processes so that we can improve our lead times and pass on cost savings to our customers.”

Scala brings over 10 years experience as a manufacturing/logistics supervisor with over eight years management/operations experience in the telecommunications and consumer products industries.

“Mike’s promotion speaks directly to Lex’s dedication to implementing Lean Manufacturing principles,” said Bob Luther, CEO of Lex Products. “We’ve got a lot to accomplish in 2007, and with Mike at the helm, we believe our ship has a good, very capable captain.”

Major products lines include Lex’s UL Listed and patented PowerGateTM Company Switches, PowerPlusTM Connector Strips, PowerHOUSETM distribution boxes, PowerFLEXTM cable assemblies, and a new line of Electrol Dimming and Control products. Over the years, Lex has won multiple awards, including 4 ETS-LDI Widget of the Year Awards for the E-String TM Multi-Outlet Extension Cord, the 19-pin Splitter, the Front-of-House DataSnakeTM the Weatherproof Cover for the Lex LSC 19 Pin OutletTM, and most recently for the DMX Plug-in Splitter/Repeater.