Le Maitre Special Effects and Sigma Services have agreed to a new distribution partnership on the new Prism Multi Color Flame and Cryo-Jet, a CO2 effect.

The Prism is a flame projector that allows the user up to four different colors by the press of a button. It is DMX controlled using five channels from any standard DMX output. It uses a 1 lb cylinder of propane to keep the pilot flame lit. With the propulsion of compressed air it aspirates specially formulated oil into the air igniting as it passes the pilot flame. The oils are available in six different colors with more in development. The Prism uses the latest in safety controls to ensure proper use at all times.

The CO2 Cryo-Jet has been in development at Sigma for more than two years. In the past, the industry used large quantities of CO2 at high pressures which caused the valve to freeze. The Cryo-Jet overcomes this obstacle by using a specially designed valve along with clever engineering. The Cryo-Jet can be used for an array of applications from night clubs to special effects.