Moving light manufacturer Morpheus Lights has launched the PanaBeam™ XR2, billed as a high-performance washlight for serious professionals. The unit features a high-performance drive system that makes for speedy pan, tilt, color and beam modification. Other highlights include a unique commutator technology for continuous and unlimited pan, extended tilt capability (630 degrees through the yoke), an exceptional reflector that delivers high output from a 1,200W short arc source, and a proprietary optical system for maximum brightness at all beam sizes.

One highly-touted feature is the unit’s beam shaping capabilities—anamorphic elements that allow “stretching” the beam on one axis, which can then be indexed or rotated continuously through 360 degrees. The two-stage effects system, with four effects elements per stage, can be used individually or in combination, allowing one to shape the beam as one needs.

Other features include CYM color mixing, variable CTO, variable frost, a high-speed strobe and flicker-free electronic ballast.

Morpheus Lights is exhibiting at Booth #1533 on the LDI trade show floor.