The winners of this year’s prestigious LDI 2005 Awards were announced last night at the industry’s annual awards ceremony held at the LDI 2005 tradeshow and conference. The winners, by category, are listed below.

Outstanding People
Lighting Designer of the Year: Richard Pilbrow
Projection Designer of the Year: Michael Clark
Sound Designer of the Year: Buford Jones
Technician of the Year: Brad Schiller

Outstanding LDI Booths
Best Big Booth Design: Martin Professional
Best Small Booth Design: Dataton AB
Best Laser Display: Omnisistem Lights & Effects Pulse Laser Products Division
Best Creative Use of Light: Cyberhoist

Outstanding Products
Promising Prototype--Lighting Accessory:
Wireless Solution
Promising Prototype--Lighting Tools & Software:
High End Systems
Catalyst V4
Promising Prototype--Rigging & Hardware:
Fisher Technical Services
F515 High Speed Winch
Lighting/Entertainment Product of the Year:
Strand Lighting Inc.
C21 Dimmer Rack
Lighting/Architecture Product of the Year:
Altman Lighting Inc.
Smart Track System
Lighting Accessory of the Year:
Phillips Lighting Company
MSR Gold 1200 SASE (Single Ended) Lamp
Rigging and Hardware Product of the Year:
Projection Product of the Year:
Dataton AB
Watchout 3
Lighting Tools and Software Product of the Year:
Goddard Design Company
Virtual Magic Sheet
Special Effects Product of the Year:
Le Maitre Special Effects Inc.
Radiance Hazer
Widget of the Year:
Lex Products
LSC-19 Weatherproof Flip Cover for 19 Pin Receptacle

Honorable Mentions
Lighting/Entertainment Product:
Entertainment Technology-Genlyte
Marquee ConsoleILC Series
Rigging & Hardware Product:
Pook Diemont & Ohl, Inc.
Carbon Cub
Promising Prototype--Special Effects:
Rose Brand Theatrical Fabrics
Goo Systems Screen Goo
Promising Prototype--Lighting/Entertainment:
Komaden Corporation
Image Mesh