June 15, 2005 is the deadline to nominate a pioneer in the lighting industry for the 2005 Wally Russell Award. Established in 1992 in memory of Wally Russell, the "Wally" Award is presented annually to a pioneer in the lighting industry: a trailblazer who lights up our lives with creativity, dedication, and innovation.

This year, in addition to the Lifetime Achievement Award, the "Wally" Newcomer Award will be presented to a "bright light," an exciting young talent who is expanding the boundaries of entertainment technology with an eye toward the future.

The "Wally" Award winners to date:
2004: George C. Izenour
2003: Sonny Sonnenfeld
2002: Jimmy Fuller
2001 Jim Bornhorst
2000 Stan Miller
1999 Don Stern
1998 Bran Ferren
1997 Fred Bentham
1996 Francis P. Deverna
1995 Tharon Musser
1994 George van Buren
1993 Charles Altman
1992 Wally Russell

The 1992 Newcomer Award Winner:
Robert Bell, the "father of WYSIWYG"

The Wally Award committee: Donna Appleton, Phil Bernard, Rusty Brustché, David Cunningham, Tom Folsom, John Howe, Larry Kellermann, Philip O'Donnell, Richard Pilbrow, Brian Russell, Glen Russell, Robert Schiller, Jennifer White, and John Wiseman.

The 2005 "Wally" Award will be presented as part of The Entertainment Technology Show - LDI2005 Award ceremony in Orlando on Saturday evening, November 12, 2005.

Please email your nominations to Ellen Lampert-Greaux at elgreaux@primediabusiness.com by June 15, 2005.