Danley Sound Labs is happy to announce the creation of a national sales manager position that will be filled by pro audio veteran Joel Moak. Moak will take on many of the national sales duties that were previously distributed among Danley's existing staff, but were becoming increasingly time-consuming with the company's growth. In addition, Moak will travel extensively to demo the Danley line.

Like a Tiger Woods of sound reinforcement, Moak started young. Moak mastered the modest console at his church and was mixing the Sunday service while his pre-teen peers were still shooting marbles. His responsibilities grew with him, culminating in a role as sales consultant for Michael Garrison's MGA Consultants (formerly His Sound) in 1985. In the two decades that followed, Moak worked as sales engineer for Frontier Audio (Riverside, California), systems consultant for CCI Systems (Olympia, Washington), eastern regional sales manager for Peavey, northwest regional sales manager for Bose professional division, and western region sales manager for SLS Loudspeakers. In addition, he founded Worship Systems International (Olympia, Washington) and continued to work live sound for major events around the country, including Stand In the Gap, Harvest Crusade, Christian Musicians Summit, and Drummers for Jesus, among many others.

"I've know Joel for quite some time," remarks Mike Hedden, owner of Danley Sound Labs. "He's a great guy, he knows the industry, and he's uniquely competent to take on the demands of the new position. We're glad he decided to join us."

The feeling is mutual. Says Moak, "Danley makes a truly amazing product, but people in this industry are justifiably skeptical. There's a lot of vacant hype floating around out there. However, more and more people are getting the chance to actually hear Danley installations and are coming to realize that in this case, the hype is deserved. I'm happy to play such a pivotal role in furthering that sea change."