Studer Professional Audio AG of Regensdorf, Switzerland, announced that it has turned the Canadian distribution of its entire product range over to Soundcraft Canada President Jean Daoust. To properly accommodate the brand, Daoust has formed Studer Canada as a new entity with its own sales and marketing efforts independent of Soundcraft Canada.

To quickly bring Studer Canada up to speed, Daoust notes that Tibor Tamas, a 26-year veteran of Studer, has moved from Europe to Montreal to serve as Studer Canada’s sales support engineer. During his tenure in North America, Tamas will also be helping Daoust find a dedicated national sales manager for the brand.

"With Tibor’s help, we’ve already begun to very actively promote Studer here in Canada," says Daoust. "He recently conducted public seminars on the new OnAir 3000 digital radio console at CBC/Radio-Canada in both Montreal and Toronto, and the response from the many broadcasters that attended was overwhelmingly positive."

Studer President Bruno Hochstrasser remarks, "With Studer Canada now very competently handling our Canadian distribution and Harman Pro North America similarly in charge of the US marketplace, Studer once again has a solid sales and marketing infrastructure within North America. Thanks to new products like the Vista 8 and OnAir 3000 entering into production, we anticipate that this will be a truly exciting year for our international distributors and customers alike."

Daoust wholeheartedly agrees. "Studer has long been respected for its precision tape machines, but I feel that the company’s new digital mixing consoles are even more deserving of recognition," he says, "and we’re going to make sure that the Canadian broadcasting, production, and post-production communities have a chance to experience them for themselves."