French digital mixing console manufacturer InnovaSON has appointed its first Chinese partner, Hua Nan (HN) Audio. For several years InnovaSON has been testing the water in China, and the new appointment reflects an aim to step up its presence in the region.

“The Chinese market is a huge and difficult one,” says Philippe Pelmelle, market development manager at InnovaSON. “If you do not have somebody in the country working for you with experience of your technology and products, together with a great knowledge of its market, and ability to do business right across the region, you will not succeed. My strategy was to find a company not only able to do this, but which also represented other product lines compatible with InnovaSON.”

HN Audio was able to meet Pelmelle’s criteria. Located in the southern Guangdong province and active across the whole country, the company has been involved in the design, supply and installation of professional sound systems and architectural acoustics for nearly 15 years. It has carved a high profile position among end users and fellow Chinese pro audio suppliers. It has a total staff of 25, more than half of which are experienced and highly qualified audio engineering specialists, each capable of undertaking major projects alone. As HN Audio has gained in experience, the company has expanded its business, providing sound systems for gymnasiums, stadiums, cinemas, theatres, theme parks, hotels and night clubs across China. With a range of strong brands in the sound reinforcement field including Klotz and Camco, Pelmelle felt InnovaSON fitted well with the company’s portfolio.

Adds HN Audio’s general manager JJ Chen, “When we gained some detailed understanding of InnovaSON and its range of digital console, we were greatly attracted to the company. The products’ high quality and good reputation spurred us into making a swift decision. We are now committed to introducing and promoting these excellent products in China so that more and more customers will be familiar with them. We are confident that with the endeavors of both HN Audio and InnovaSON, a prosperous future is awaiting us.”

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