Further demonstrating a dedication to delivering powerful and innovative projectors to the widest possible audience, InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq:INFS), (OSE: IFC), the worldwide leader in digital projection and services, announced today a $999 price point for the award-winning InFocus X1.

Never before has such a combination of image quality, dependability and flexibility been available at such a low cost of ownership for an InFocus product. The X1 is a proven product that reflects InFocus' commitment to developing products that are easy to use and integrate, deliver perfect images, offer true multimedia capabilities, all with quick set-up and intuitive operation. The new price makes the projection experience available to all businesses regardless of size or industry. The X1 caters to small-to-medium businesses, small office/home office and educators where convenience, value and performance are paramount.

"Offering an affordable projector that provides value, convenience and versatility to any business regardless of their size is a critical part of our strategy to meet our users' changing needs," said Kyle Ranson, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing. "At a time when businesses need every edge technology offers, this announcement underscores our dedication to provide innovative solutions to all our customers."

Despite the entry-level price, the X1 outperforms many projectors twice as expensive. A portable 6.8 pound (3.1-kg), the versatile X1 allows customers to do more than just effectively project traditional Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations. The outstanding video quality of the X1 makes it perfect for such uses as MPEG integration; using QuickTime or Flash files in presentations; showing an advertising campaign on DVD; or demonstrating a new Web site. The X1 also dramatically enhances the proven benefits of projection as means for content retention. From boardrooms to classrooms, messaging and images that are projected improve comprehension and learning by up to 400% and can reduce the time needed by nearly 50%. And in addition to cost savings in printed materials, projecting with the X1 can improve time efficiency by reduced meeting or lecture length.

In the sub $1000 category, the InFocus X1 boasts the highest contrast ratio (2000:1) and, with a 3000-hour lamp life, the lowest cost of continued ownership. It also offers outstanding video quality through the integration of advanced technology including Faroudja's DCDiTM video processing and a 0.55 DMD chip from Texas Instruments for sharp, colorful images. The X1 produces bright, high quality displays at 1000 lumens and native SVGA resolution that easily meet the needs of business presentations and provides outstanding projection for playing games or watching movies at home.

Availability and Warranties:

The InFocus X1 is available now and comes with a two-year standard product warranty. For more information about the X1, please visit www.infocus.com.

About InFocus Corporation:

InFocus® Corporation (Nasdaq: INFS) (OSE: IFC), the worldwide leader in digital projection technology and services, enhances thinking, learning and creativity in boardrooms, meeting rooms and classrooms and delivers superior home entertainment experiences by vividly projecting larger-than-life images from multiple sources including computers, DVD players, and PDAs. A recognized projection pioneer and innovator, InFocus provides the most comprehensive line of business and home projectors, projector management tools, wireless technology and projection engines. From the smallest and lightest mobile projectors and feature-packed meeting room products to the finest and most compact home entertainment projection solutions, InFocus has garnered industry acclaim for design, functionality and intuitive solutions. InFocus Corporation's global headquarters are located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA, with regional offices in Europe and Asia. For more information, visit the InFocus Corporation web site at www.infocus.com or contact the company toll-free at 800.294.6400 (U.S. and Canada) or 503.685.8888 worldwide.

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