, the non-profit organization established to chronicle the history of road exploits through the eyes of backstage touring personnel, has joined forces with TV documentary experts, Incue Productions.

Incue ( is a Los Angeles-based production company specializing in HBO First Looks, behind the scene 'making of' specials, promos, documentaries and electronic press kits. Originally from Michigan, brothers Scott McVeigh and Dave McVeigh, started Incue to write, direct, produce, shoot and edit taking the concept all the way from 'pie in the sky' to the pages of the TV Guide.

Recent credits include the 25th Anniversary Special Edition of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s "Pumping Iron", "American Pie Revealed" and a behind the scenes look into "NYPD Blue", where Scott and Dave were granted phenomenal access to the show's set and actors. Incue had already been looking to develop their own concept about life on the road until they heard about Roadcases from their other brother Greg McVeigh, VP for Sound at Meyer Sound.

"Greg was instrumental with the introduction of Roadcases to Incue", says Paul Dexter, who founded Roadcases along with partner Larry McNeny. Greg saw earlier press about the launch of Roadcases in April and submitted the online registration form to join. At the same time, he mentioned the work his brothers were doing at Incue."

Dexter and McNeny. along with Roadcases director and consultant Ted Nicolaou, met with Incue in late May at their Culver City ,CA office. "After explaining the concept, and seeing the work that Incue has done, I don’t think that we could have found a better match," says McNeny, "They totally got the idea." Scott and Dave agree. "We think these guys at Roadcases are onto something. While we make a living making television, at heart, we're both music fans. To get a chance to delve into the stories behind our favorite bands from this fantastic perspective is a chance too good to pass up!"

Dexter emphasizes that the support from of all touring personnel (old and new) is essential in order for Roadcases to succeed. "This time we have a chance to document personalities from the backstage view and with Incue we now know that it won’t be a boring documentary, with a bunch of Old road guys telling stories. It will be contemporary reality TV meets the sitcom."

Sponsors for Roadcases are TMB, Brown United, Syncrolite and Jan-Al Cases. "Roadcases is presenting a road tales writing contest and Jan-Al is giving a slim-line briefcase away for the winners." Says Dexter. "It’s getting interesting and gaining serious momentum". Log on to for more information.