Ideal Industries, Inc.

has announced that it is conducting a voluntary recall of certain manufacturing lots of its Voltage and Voltage/Continuity testers sold primarily in North America.

The units recalled are Tester Models 61-065, 61-066, 61-067, 61-076, 61-079 and 61-080 manufactured in Sycamore, Illinois and Ajax, Ontario, Canada from mid-November 1999 through mid-May 2002. The recall does not involve any of the aforementioned models built prior to November 1999 or after May 2002. No other Ideal tester, meter or product is affected by the recall.

Ideal has received reports of the solenoid shorting out at higher voltages without warning and blowing the faceplate off the unit. There have been two reports of users burned when using these units.

Ideal has notified its distributors, representatives, and customers of the recall.

For details on identifying a suspect tester, and to arrange for its return and replacement, call 1-877-557-8598 (Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm CT) or Also visit