The International Association of Lighting Designers is proud to award 23 lighting design projects with prestigious IALD recognition for their outstanding and innovative lighting solutions. This group of projects represents the most awards ever presented in one year of the award show’s 22-year history. The award-winning designs come from projects from eight different countries: Italy, Indonesia, Germany, Greece, Korea, Spain, the United States, and United Kingdom. The distinguished designers represent seven countries: Italy, Indonesia, Germany, France, Spain, the United States, and United Kingdom, making this annual IALD event a truly global endeavor. The coveted recognition was bestowed by the IALD during its 22nd Annual IALD Awards Presentation held on April 13 in New York in conjunction with Lightfair International.

The 23 projects represented six of the seven categories in which projects are submitted and judged under recently revised IALD awards judging criteria.

Details on the projects the won awards can be found at