Barry Grzebik announced the establishment of his new audio systems design and integration consultancy, The Grzebik Design Group.

Grzebik establishes his new consultancy with over 14 years of experience in manufacturing and technical sales, audio systems design and integration, and award-winning professional audio equipment, loudspeaker, amplifier, and signal processing product design. The services of The Grzebik Design Group include architectural and room acoustics, sound system design, equalization, calibration and verification, sound isolation, home theatre and critical listening environment design, noise control and educational presentations and training, as well as product and industrial design.

Since 1993, Grzebik held the position of director of engineering with Apogee Sound International, the award-winning Petaluma, CA-based manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems. Prior to Apogee Sound, Grzebik was the founder of Bear Designs of Santa Rosa, CA, a boutique manufacturer of musical instrument amplifiers and signal processing.

GDG is unique in the respect that we work in both the installed and live sound markets. We feel this dual focus is highly beneficial, allowing us to regularly work with a more diverse set of products," Grzebik says. "Because of this we offer our customers with a wider view of the industry, its trends and, most importantly, we have the opportunity to facilitate the transfer of technology between these two markets.”