Aida Cruises'

new ship AIDAvita includes two MA Lighting grandMA consoles, one grandMA in the theatre and a grandMA light on the pool deck.

Every evening the theatre offers 12 shows and professional entertainment running alternately at 60 minutes each. Hilton Jones was responsible for the theatre lighting design. Joe Gruber, console operator, programmed over 1,800 cues, 80 sequences, and 120 macros. The grandMA console, delivered by Amptown Hamburg, runs 46 moving lights, 132 channels for conventional lighting, and 54 non-dim circuits.

This was Hilton Jones' first time using the grandMA. He was impressed with its versatility, and changed his original specification to the grandMA. "The grandMA is the only multi-functional controller console on the market that can handle the tasks required for the AIDAvita," said Jones. "It is easy and intuitive to operate, you have direct access to all channels, and it takes you quickly where you want it to." These reasons also play a role when different operators and lighting staff must operate the console on a daily basis. The grandMA user philosophy allows each operator to use the console in his or her individual way.

The grandMA light on the pool deck controls 48 conventional channels, eight moving lights, and eight scanners, as well as several outdoor color changers. The pool deck offers three stages or open surfaces, which can be used according to various daily needs.

Although very little equipment was required, the grandMA light was chosen due to its capability to provide backup, should a problem develop with the theatre console. The grandMA light can easily read and control the corresponding shows.