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announced that rental partner GoVision™ has introduced a one-of-a-kind mobile event unit, featuring a Barco DLite 10 LED video display. The event truck carries a mounted Barco LED unit is known as Go Big™ 1. GoVision offers the truck for special events such as concerts, sports, and corporate outings. Go Big made its official debut on Thanksgiving Day, hosting the Dallas-area YMCA Run for Fun, Turkey Trot.

The core piece of GoVision's equipment is a one-of-a-kind, custom-built mobile unit, appropriately dubbed "Go Big™1," equipped with a 9’ x 16’ LED screen, a Barco DLite 10 LED wall is mounted on the truck, with the ability to raise up to 15' in the air and rotate 360 degrees for maximum flexibility in viewing. Additionally, the screen can display video while the truck is mobile, a completely unique feature. The screen is built in 18-inch square tiles, and can be removed from the truck and configured for various displays and staging.

The mobile unit features a complete on-board generator and control room that contains switching, editing, and playback equipment, as well as a live camera package, which enables turnkey production work anywhere, any time. GoVision already plans to add a Go Big 2 to its fleet by early 2003. GoVision also provides screens off the truck variable in size from 9' x 9' up to 45' x 75'.

"We are extremely pleased with the image quality of the Barco LED displays and the utility of the mobile unit. Together, they provide a unique product which is being enthusiastically received by event planners and A/V rental customers in the North Texas area," states Mike Godwin, sales and marketing, GoVision, "With this product and our pricing structure, events that previously could not consider a video event screen, now can have state-of-the-art equipment at a price that fits virtually any event budget."

"GoVision is quickly becoming a leader in the event rental industry," states Curt Petty, market business manager, Barco Events, "Their new mobile truck, Go Big, is an impressive production unit, from superior sound to the high-resolution Barco LED. It's sure to turn heads and capture audiences at events throughout Texas."

For further information you can reach GoVision at:
225 Sports Parkway
Suite A
Keller, Texas 76248
Phone: 817-431-3077

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