Global Theming Products announces their newest fire retardant polyurethane encapsulant for carved architectural foam elements: Euro-Seal 7000. When exposed to constant wind, rain and the curious hands of the public, Global Theming Products LLC's Euro-Seal 7000 coating adds protection to EPS and polyurethane foam (PUF) from thermal expansion, mechanical impact resistance and UV degradation associated with exterior use.

Euro-Seal 7000/7001 is rated E-84/Class I for flame spread, according to tests performed by an independent testing laboratory. On typical architectural applications, this two component, spray-applied polyurethane coating shows no loss of impact resistance and degradation to date, according to the company.

Euro-Seal 7000 is a two-component polyurethane spray-applied directly over (EPS) and forms a hard, chemical, moisture and fire retardant encapsulation. The coated part can be handled within seconds of being sprayed. This fas t-set process means you can produce more carved or cut foam parts, faster than fiberglass, wood or other materials.

Euro-Seal 7000 gives fabricators the ability to coat their foam parts in a production-line fashion. In the case of creating architectural trim, the incorporation of metal mounting brackets and the addition of an acrylic mastic top coat is a quick and easy process. Euro-Seal 7000 dries to the touch within 10 seconds and has a life anticipation of decades under most conditions.

Euro-Seal 7000 adds almost no extra weight to the substrate. Parts do not require heavy cranes to lift into place, or special engineered supports to secure. With as little as a ladder, any person can install architectural foam parts.

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