The Gel Cutter, a radically improved solution for cutting gel, made its debut for national and international users at LDI 2005. It is a portable hand-powered device with an unparalleled ability to cut large quantities of gel with precision and speed to custom specifications.

The machine is intended for all professionals working with gel or other paper-thin materials. Some settings that are especially well suited for the Gel Cutter include applications for theatre, live events, entertainment, architecture, film and video, industry, and museums. In short, any circumstance which requires the cutting of multiple pieces of gel will benefit from the Gel Cutter.

The Gel Cutter was created to greatly reduce the time and cost associated with gel cutting while simultaneously improving precision and entirely eliminating wasted gel. When performing cutting tasks of more than ten pieces of gel, users can expect to decrease the time spent to cut gel by at least half. Because the machine can be fed gel in free sheets or off the roll, and cuts are made to user specifications, there is no wasted gel. All cuts are accurate to 1/16”. The savings in cost by cutting gel to precision specs with ease, eliminating wasted gel and decreasing cutting time are significant and meaningfully distinguish the Gel Cutter from other solutions.

The Gel Cutter is constructed of a PVC cutting board mounted on a wood frame. A moving aluminum bridge runs vertically along parallel stainless-steel tracks located at each end of the cutting board. Mounted onto the side of the bridge is a single stainless-steel track that extends along the width of the cutting board. Sliding on this horizontal axis is the cutting module. The cutting module uses a replaceable #19 Exacto cutting blade, has 360 degrees of motion and can be held in place anywhere along the horizontal track by tightening a knurled knob at its top. The combination of the cutting module on the horizontal track and the moving aluminum bridge running vertically along the parallel stainless steel tracks provides two axes of motion to the Gel Cutter allowing gels to be cut to any size and shape.

Gel is loaded onto the cutting board by threading it under the stationary bridge where it is then held in place by clamps. The moving bridge is moved in the direction of the desired cut. For cutting gel that are larger than the cutting board, the cutting module is locked into place and the gel is pulled toward the operator.

Gel Cutter is currently seeking to expose this technology to as many professionals as possible. It is simultaneously looking for partners to distribute and manufacture the machine for national and international markets.

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