The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that Joseph N. Tawil will receive an Outstanding Achievement Award in Engineering Development for BLACKWRAP. Tawil is President and founder of GAM Products, Inc. and the Academy’s award will be presented to him at the September 12, 2004 Emmy Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Blackwrap is a malleable aluminum foil with matte black coatings on both sides. Because it is able to withstand high temperatures it is ideal for wrapping hot lights to eliminate unwanted light spills. "The beauty of Blackwrap," said Tawil, "is its essential simplicity; neat, clean, heat resistant, goes just about anywhere, easy to put in place and easy to remove."

Tawil’s career spans more than 40 years in the motion picture, television and theatre lighting industry. He holds many patents for unique and original lighting products. He started GAM Products in 1975 and introduced Blackwrap in 1983. Since its introduction, Blackwrap has become an essential tool for just about every production electrician.

Tawil said that he is particularly pleased to receive this award because "those of us who work one step behind the men and women who work behind the scenes rarely get recognition." This Academy recognition puts the spotlight on all of those who so passionately contribute to the production process.