Fourth Phase Image Systems

provided large-format projection equipment to various events throughout the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

The TOROC (Torino Olympic Committee) of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games gave a six-minute presentation during the closing ceremonies on February 24th at Rice Eccles Stadium, employing twelve 6000W Xenon Rotating PIGI Projectors. The projectors scrolled imagery promoting Italian culture, including images of Vespas, Ferraris, Leonardo DaVinci’s artwork and the Sistine Chapel, across the ice while models showed off the latest styles by Italian fashion designers such as Versace, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana.

Other tributes to the host country of the 2006 Winter Olympics were an Italian Flag Dance and a performance of the classic Italian song Volare by their native pop star Irene Grandi. The presentation ended with the unveiling of the 2006 Winter Olympics logo projected onto the ice.

Other projection equipment and services provided by Fourth Phase include two 2500W HMI PIGI 'S' projectors for the Torch relay ceremony. Images of the torch and its journey were projected onto the stage in front of the Salt Lake City Courthouse. In addition, four PIGI Projectors were used to project onto the exterior of the Smith Building at Temple Square, which was utilized as a backdrop for television commentary.

Six additional projectors were provided by Fourth Phase for the production of Light of the World by the Church of Latter Day Saints at the LDS Conference Center.

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