June 18-24 the National Audio Theatre Festival held a series of workshops for audio dramatists around the US. The workshops, produced by Fits & Starts Productions, provided attendees the opportunity to learn from and work with leaders in the audio theatre industry. Performers and directors from National Public Radio, SciFi.com’s Seeing Ear Theatre, and the audio book industry were present.

Mike Sokol, Surround Sound authority, was featured at the workshop. He discussed 5.1 surround for audio theatre, sound reinforcement, and the use of digital console technology. Other workshops focused on digital audio workstations, Webcasting, and remote recording. Attendees experienced the disciplines required to write, produce, and direct audio theatre for the stage, as well as for broadcast on radio or the Internet. The week closed with a live performance.

The Mike Sokol-Fits & Starts Productions workshops were sponsored by Crown International (amplifiers and systems controls); Yamaha (03D digital console); Mark of the Unicorn (Digital Performer 3 software and 828 firewire audio interface); and Entertainment Design, Sound & Video Contractor, Mix, and Onstage magazines. Tannoy-TGI North America supplied the surround speaker system.