London-based exposure Live--collaborating with their LA office--designed and creatively directed Sony Computer Europe Entertainment’s (SCEE) presentation event at E3 held at the LA Convention Center. The team was led by production director Alison Berkani and included designer Matt Gates. exposure Live regularly produces events for SCEE.

SCEE unveiled 27 new titles for PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) and PlayStation®2 at the show. They also held the first previews of the much-anticipated PlayStation®3, scheduled for release in November, along with nine new gaming titles for this console.

Exposure Live designed an interactive environment to showcase the new software titles and games to European Trade and Press. The room was split into different sections, each designated for the presentation of different hardware/software ranges and products. There was a bespoke built PlayStation®3 room and two smaller ones for PSP and PS2.

The whole space was designed in black, white, and mirrored materials and was created as an immersive visual environment with lighting effects creating mood and ambience – the mirrored surfaces reflecting and refracting light and effects in all directions across the room. Central to the design were five 2.5m square Barco MiPix LED panels, illuminated with specially created content originated from PlayStation® shapes and images.

exposure Live coordinated the hire of props and the look and style of the personnel working on the stand, including a collection of Japanese ‘Harajuki Girls’ to demonstrate the new TalkMan™ PSP game. For the new games Buzz™: Sports and Buzz: Jungle Party, assistants were kitted out in Tarzan/Jane style and sports commentator outfits.

EyeToy®: Kinetic Combat was demonstrated by two martial arts specialists, while EyeToy®: Play Sports and Lemmings™ were highlighted by three further athletic staff. These titles were demonstrated using the EyeToy® USB camera that picks up movement and imports it into the game.

exposure Live worked closely with SCEE’s IT agency to ensure that the correct technical and hardware requirements were spec’d and supplied to run all the games – some of which are still early in development -- and so needed special machines.

The main challenge, says Alison Berkani, was dealing with the myriad of different agencies--including PR, advertising, and software development--to get the SCEE area set up and running smoothly. Good communications and meticulous pre-planning were essential, and had commenced at the beginning of the year.

The PlayStation elements in particular are extremely creative, and exposure’s concept design had to present visual and imaginative ideas whilst also being flexible enough to react quickly to last minute changes - often made right up to the wire.

exposure Live also organized an exclusive house party overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu for 130 key clients and agencies. Cocktails and a tailored barbecue feast were served. A team of Fire dancers performed two stylish, sensual dances around the pool. The party continued until 8am and was the talking point the next day.

Nicky Shields, for SCEE, comments, “exposure are the best creators of brand experience I have ever worked with. They always deliver to the highest standards and are enjoyable to work with.”