Known for its unique tradeshow booths, ETC is outdoing itself this year with an edgy new booth design for LDI. Staging the grand finale of a record product-release year, ETC wanted a bold new booth. Promoting the theme of ETC’s new-product campaign, the booth is all about what ETC calls Complete Control – showcasing 21st -century tools for 21st -century lighting. ETC’s new flagship Eos™ console, ETC Congo™ jr console, and the ETC-distributed Pharos™ AVC will take center stage.

The ETC marketing group worked with Murphy-Catton Inc. to develop a booth design concept that would provide the best environment to demonstrate products. The full construction and detailing was done completely in-house at ETC. For several weeks ETC CEO Fred Foster and his talented crew of theatre-tech savvy employees were covered in sawdust and paint from working on the handmade structure–a state they’ve grown accustomed to since creating the simulated Victorian theater in ETC’s London office earlier this year and the well-known ETC headquarters atrium before that.

The reception desks–the first glimpse visitors will have of the ETC booth–are bold, functional, and welcoming. Drawing on ETC’s history of stand design, this year’s layout includes sails, but with a bold new look. The large fabric structures are printed with product graphics that are colorful, angular, and immediately eye-catching. Showgoers will also be drawn to the four innovatively designed new demonstration tables. With their sleek contours and user-friendly construction, they’ll showcase Eos, Congo jr, and more in the ETC Complete Control line-up. The booth will be completely lit, of course, by ETC Source Four fixtures.

ETC’s architectural products and Smart Solutions™ family have their own unique presentation. Storage sheds are wrapped in photographs of products and installations, which provide an eye-popping background for product demos. At these stations, guests will also learn about the Pharos AVC Audio Visual Controller and see its functionality in action.

A highlight of the ETC booth will be the presentation wall. Throughout the show, a multimedia presentation about ETC products will be shown on two 40” flat-screen TVs. The comfortable seating area surrounding the wall will invite visitors to relax and take a few minutes to learn more about ETC’s Complete Control.

ETC booth is #1515 at LDI 2006.