The Entertainment Services and Technology Association’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to open up ESTA’s Code of Conduct to allow complaints to be filed by the general public effective January 1, 2003.

In 1999, ESTA led the industry in promoting ethical business practices and professionalism by creating and adopting a Code of Conduct for members. Received with enthusiasm by members, the Code was also used as a model by several other industry associations, including PLASA and CITT, in creating their own codes.

ESTA’s Code of Conduct plays a very important role in maintaining public confidence in our industry by assuring the public of uniformly high standards in their dealings with members of the Association. As one member of the public said, "…ESTA membership does matter to many of us and we use it as 'recommendation' when looking for a reliable vendor." This change to the Code of Conduct ensures that the public has a way to be heard if they feel they aren’t being dealt with in an ethical manner by an ESTA member.

The ESTA Code of Conduct is available on the ESTA website at Also available is the Procedure for Filing and Processing Complaints. The Procedure gives you detailed information on how a complaint may be filed, the review process, how the actual hearing process works and what level of sanctions might be imposed. Filing a complaint is not a trivial matter--it requires considerable effort, as well as substantial documentation of the offense.

We encourage you to discuss potential complaints, prior to filing, with the Chair of the Ethics Committee, Erik Magnuson 404-872-0553 or with ESTA’s Executive Director, Lori Rubinstein 212-244-1505. Upon learning the nature of the complaint they will: help to determine if a potential violation of the Code of Conduct has occurred, indicate to you whether the problem should first be heard in a court of law, attempt to help resolve the problem before a formal complaint is filed, and assist you in understanding and complying with the complaint procedure.