The Seminars and Training Committee of The ESTA Foundation is looking for presenters of seminars for training in the following areas of entertainment technology:

Lighting/electrical: seminar subjects such as:

  • Safety and code issues
  • Application of formulas and theory
  • System networking
  • Setup, operation and troubleshooting of power distribution systems
  • Setup, operation and troubleshooting of dimmer/control systems
  • Automated lighting theory and programming

Stage and arena rigging: seminar subjects such as:

  • Fall protection and safety issues
  • Principles of rigging and application of formulas
  • Handling and assembly of hardware and equipment
  • Planning and layout of rigging systems
  • Operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of equipment

Special emphasis for all subjects is placed on live demonstrations of equipment and hands-on experience for attendees whenever possible. This list is not meant to be exhaustive or exclusive; presenters are encouraged to suggest other topics in their fields of interest.

There is an immediate deadline for proposals for one-day seminars at LDI 2006 in October is May 10, 2006. The Foundation is also soliciting proposals on an ongoing basis, and intends to organize seminars regionally around other events or as stand-alone ventures as they become available. Venues and organizations wishing to work with the Foundation to establish such events are also encouraged to send proposals.

An application form is available at Questions may be directed to the committee at