Strand Lighting’s new EC21 Dimmers and the OneLight range of Daylight luminaires were both recognized in the best Lighting Product Category at the ABTT Dinner in London June 15.

Strand Lighting chose the ABTT show for the UK launch of the new EC21 series dimmer racks. The new racks were developed in response to feedback from customers and consultants on the company's dimmer range. A first for EC21 is the ability to have up to 96 Sinewave dimmers in a single rack, simplifying the implementation of full or partial Sinewave dimming solutions.

The new racks allow users to freely mix and match dimmers of any type (both Sinewave and conventional dimmers) within a rack to meet the needs of any installation. EC21 Dimmers are available with a wide range of circuit breaker and filter choke options to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

The OneLight range of luminaires include a 575 W PAR and Fresnel and were recognized for their ease of operation with an integrated head and ballast design allowing users to rig a single-piece luminare rather than having to deal with a separate head and ballast. These lightweight and lights offer remote start at power on or control from any DMX console using the optional plug in DMX control module.

"The ABTT is an organization of theatre people who really know their products," says Strand Lighting Group president Tim Burnham. "As a former British theatre technician myself, it was a great moment for me personally to witness these endorsements at the awards dinner Wedneday night. This year's ABTT show has been amazingly busy, and we've been working nonstop with real customers talking about real jobs - seems like the UK business is in great shape and I'm pleased that Strand was the brand people were talking about at the show."