Digital Projection International (DPI), an Emmy award-winning manufacturer of high-performance projection systems, launched the LIGHTNING 30sx+ 'Professional Series' projector. DPI exhibited the LIGHTNING 30sx+, along with its complete lineup of projectors, at InfoComm 2004.

The SXGA+ native resolution LIGHTNING 30sx+ delivers more than 16,000 ANSI lumens (18,000 center lumens) and 1600:1 full-field contrast through Texas Instruments' new Dark Chip II DMD's. Additionally, the new 30sx+ is a compact product–just 42-inches long. It's also the brightest 3-chip DLP™ projector for its weight (less than 275 lbs, including lens).

"For the rental and staging community and prestigious large venues, the new LIGHTNING 30sx+ is an incomparable display solution," says Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, Inc. "At 1400 x 1050 pixels, its native 3x4 aspect ratio delivers precise imaging accuracy, ultra-high brightness and high contrast. As the newest product in our Professional Series lineup, class-leading efficiency in an easy-to-rig, mechanically adept chassis is guaranteed."

The new LIGHTNING 30sx+ shares the same operational features and design elements as DPI's LIGHTNING 35HD. The 30sx+ can support every large-venue and critical imaging application through its modular electronics design, which enables virtually limitless input capabilities, simplified system wiring and advanced options such as soft-edge blend, geometric image warp, and seamless switching. When paired with Digital Projection's easy-to-use, rack mountable Multi-Media Switcher 1000 (MMS 1000), the projector displays any analog component, digital video, HD or DVI source. The connection between the projector and the MMS 1000 is DPI's DigiLink, an elegant, single-wire, ultra-high bandwidth fiber-optic solution. DigiLink supports loss-free signal runs up to 1,000 meters that are impervious to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Along with ultra-accurate colorimetry calibration and multi-point intelligent lens positioning, the LIGHTNING 30sx+ is "ready to rig or stack" right out of its transit case, eliminating the need for additional rigging hardware or a flying cage. In addition, the projector has three integrated chassis-leveling "jack" points, which enable users to quickly optimize projector pitch and roll to the exact application requirements. This is a critical feature for simplifying the alignment process when stacking or edge-matching multiple projectors in any venue.