DPA Microphones is launching the HMA5000 two-channel hi-voltage microphone amplifier, which builds on the strengths of their HMA4000.

One of the main advantages of using a hi-voltage mike amplifier rather than a 48V phantom powered version is that it provides an extended dynamic headroom of 10dB more. Another major benefit is that the signal path in the HMA5000 is completely transformerless, allowing a frequency range from 10 Hz to 100 kHz (-1 dB).

The DPA HMA5000 can be used to power DPAs hi-voltage microphones including the 4003 and 4004 omnidirectional mics, the 4012 cardioid and 4016 wide cardioid, and the 4041-S omnidirectional solid state and 4041-T omnidirectional tube mics. By using the HTP4000 adaptor, the HMA5000 can also be used with ordinary 48V phantom powered microphones.

"Together with one of our hi-voltage microphones, the HMA5000 provides the most serious signal path from sound source directly to track," says DPA area manager and Tonmeister Mikkel Nymand, who assisted with the product specifications by listening to his clients requirements for a new mic amp. "With an impressive frequency range from 10Hz to 100kHz (+0dB/-1dB) and an extremely wide dynamic range of 140dB, the HMA5000 carries the clean and undistorted microphone pickup through the amplification link without any disturbance–the finest challenge for a mike amp."

The HMA5000 supplies 130V to the microphones built-in preamplifiers, providing excellent SPL handling capability. Features include state-of-the-art, low-noise Analog Devices amplifiers in the input stages and independently switchable gain in 10dB increments on each channel input corresponding to a maximum input voltage of 0.5 -160V peak. The phase can be reversed on both channels individually, and crosstalk attenuation is better than 90 dB measured with any gain setting.

The HMA5000 is designed for use close to the microphones to keep cables as short as possible. However as it features both electronically balanced and single ended line-level outputs, the HMA5000 s impedance converters can drive up to 300m (984ft) of microphone cable when required. Insensitive to vibration, it will withstand mechanical shock and is well suited for placement on the stage or the studio floor.

Besides being a microphone amplifier, HMA5000 is a comprehensive microphone power supply unit with 130V for the hi-voltage microphone preamplifiers, 190V for capsule polarisation and 6V for heater voltage in the 4041-T tube microphone.

For more information, please visit http://www.dpamicrophones.com.