DiGiCo recently launched its latest software upgrade, Version 3, for the D5 Live digital mixing system, making a significant number of additional features available to D5 Live users.

The new software is available as a FREE upgrade to existing D5 Live owners and includes the following features:

*Comprehensive control over console and rack connections allowing partial or complete isolation from the rig for safe setup and rack control

*Enhanced system redundancy offering flexible recovery under a large variety of different configurations and scenarios

*Revised Optocoreā„¢ firmware supports further Optocoreā„¢ devices (DD32) in installed systems and allows flexible audio sync for use alongside external video and studio systems

*Enhanced networking capability enables use of a hub or switch to allow simultaneous mirroring (D5-RE - Redundant Engine) and remote control (D5-RC or laptop PCs)

*More Snapshot features: Touch To Fire can be disabled to prevent accidental recall Renumber Snapshots Relative Snapshots are simpler for non-dB controllers Faster recall across Ethernet Snapshot Play From, Play To and Locate To commands for timecode control Play MIDI sequence files with new combination MIDI/GPI/GPO card Each FX slot has a Snapshot Safe button, protecting it from recall Gain Tracking can be enabled/disabled globally An LCRS blend control in surround modes allows full LCR(S) panning. Signal presence indicator - bottom LED on meter bridge is now on at -70dB

Plus many small usability and operational enhancements. For example: 240 ms delay available on input channels and 510 on output processors Effects panels now display names (and numbers) of channels or outputs feeding them A Reset Racks command has been added to the System Service menu Control Group membership is now recalled by Snapshots even to safe channels.

DiGiCo marketing director, David Webster, comments: "The D5's multi-channel optical system allows multiple consoles to be configured within the system and now, with Version 3 software, this unique flexibility can even be synchronised to external sources."