Talent agency Creative Entertainment Connections(CEC) is changing the face of agency representation with a unique concept of representing above and below line talent packaged along with the technology and gear for entire productions—from creative right through final edit. CEC’s complete vertical packaging solutions for the film, television, and commercial market brings both talent and technology to production companies, saving valuable time and money while eliminating the burden of bringing together these primary production tasks.

Representing both above and below line talent, CEC’s roster includes directors, assistant directors, writers, producers, line producers, cinematographers, steadicam operators, casting directors, production designers, costume designers, hair and makeup artists, and editors. As a way to assist production companies to streamline and enhance their productions, CEC has created an alliance with a select group of the industries top technology companies an added value to their talent representation.

Director Brian Cristiano of 24DP recently called on CEC to provide talent for a television commercial. CEC provided the production designer, costume designer, makeup artist and steadicam operator. CEC also provided much of the gear for the shoot that included the Sony 900 HD camera package, ARRI lighting kit, and some expendables such as tapes, gels, and replacement lamps.

“No other agency can pull all the production aspects together in this way,” says Cristiano. “CEC has increased the level of efficiency for our project and I cannot believe how much time and money they’ve saved us by offering both the talent and the gear for our production. The concept CEC has established will surely become an industry standard as more and more production companies realize the full potential of the service.”

“CEC’s main focus is booking work for our clients” says CEC President Laura Siegel. “We’ve added the technology offering to the equation which has streamlined and simplified the steps of production. Technology is a major factor in this business, and because of that, we have expanded our horizons to play in this field. Not only have we stepped outside of the box, we created an entirely new one which has greatly benefited the artists we represent and the film and television production industry as a whole.”

Taking production packaging one step further, CEC recently launched a separate division called CEC Circuit, which is an ever-expanding global network of companies that provide production companies with financing, insurance, creative services, motion graphics, HD post production, luxury transportation, location services, and more, all designed to help meet the needs of a production, from project creation to completion.

“Time is money,” says director, Stevan Mena from Magnetic Media Productions. “Every day that goes by that I have to chase call after call trying to pull together all the separate aspects of a production I am losing precious time and money. What CEC brings to our production company is invaluable. Through CEC’s technology partners and alliances, we have secured a camera package as well as talent and are ready to start production on our movie. I’m sure in a few years we’ll think back on the days before it was this easy and wonder how we ever got anything done.”

CEC Circuit is the brainchild of CEC President, Laura Siegel. Having been a prominent fixture in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years, Siegel has been the ear to countless producers, directors, and DPs that wished there was a more efficient way to bring together a production that would allow them to worry less about the logistics and focus more on the creative.

“There are all these great companies out there looking to assist with film production,” Siegel says. “When we approached them with the idea of the network alliance they jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it. It’s definitely the beginning of a positive evolutionary step in the industry and CEC is proud to be the implementer of this innovation.”