Creative Technology North America and Barco Media & Entertainment will host a two-day, invitation-only Educational Seminar and Open House showcasing a range of Barco’s latest creative LED solutions, December 5th and 6th at Tribute in New York City (24 Broadway). With a theme of “Imagine the Possibilities: Lighting the Future”, the event is designed to showcase the imaginative uses of LED technology for today’s broadcast, concert, corporate and special event, trade show, and permanent installation applications.

Set/show/lighting Designers, event producers, meeting planners, architects, and consultants will have an opportunity to view the latest in LED technology and creative solutions offered by Barco’s OLite 510 indoor/outdoor, ILite 6 XP indoor, MiPIX, and MiSPHERE LEDs.

The OLite 510 is the only Indoor/Outdoor LED tile on the market that can be broken down into 64 discrete modules, allowing designers to fully integrate LED technology into set designs in any shape or size, let video flow over surfaces, and to fully integrate LED technology in ceiling and floors. The ILite 6 XP LED display features 6mm resolution, 14-bit processing power, level 2 (LED level) calibration, and enhanced software algorithms, which results in unbeatable light output, unsurpassed color depth and uniformity, and vastly improved grayscales.

MiPIX lets designers add shape, form, and perspective to their LED content. With "Creative MiPIX add-ons," designers get another layer of creativity added to MiPIX in the format of diffusers such as squares, domes, and full frame diffusers with creative cut-outs. MiPIX Creativity Packs allow creation of unique display solutions without custom manufacturing.

MiSPHERE LEDs feature 360-degree viewing angles, opaque, light-defusing casing and ability to play both full video and data. the MiSPHERE bridges the gap between existing video and lighting products, enabling it to be used for both application purposes. Several strings of MiSPHEREs form a 3D visualization curtain making it possible to display images and simulate lighting effects across the entire curtain, while also achieving a "Look-Through" effect and "Multiple Angle" viewing effect for the entire audience.

CT and Barco will also showcase the Barco Encore Presentation System controlling Barco R12+ Performer projectors, displaying edge-blending technology in Native HD. The Encore Presentation System video processing and presentation control system provides source selection, advanced windowing features, seamless switching, video effects and integrated control for professional video presentations. It can efficiently support from 1-32 screens with any combination of independent display or seamless widescreen display elements.

For a personal invitation to attend “Imagine the Possibilities: Lighting the Future,” the Creative Technology/Barco LED Technology Showcase and Seminar, contact Sandra DeMond, director of marketing, Creative Technology North America at 818-464-7500 or