At May’s World Light Show, part of the INTEL international electronics fair, sponsored by ANIE (National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Firms) and held in Milan, Clay Paky displayed a full range of products for architectural lighting. Compact projectors, spotlights, color changers, and its Display Line of projectors were shown.

The company’s new line of color changers, CP Color, is designed for theatrical settings and television studios, as well as shops, exhibitions, and entertainment settings. CP Color is available in models with a 150W or 250W lamp and offers CMY color mixing, dimmers, special filters for varying beam aperture, and is operated automatically or by a control unit. The CP Color-E model is designed for outdoor use, as well as urban settings.

At the show, INTEL, AEM, ASSIL, and APIL organized a variety of events. INTEL held “Experiencing Light,” organized by Assi (National Association of Lighting Manufacturers). During the show, lighting designers, architects, art historians, and philosophers looked at the general theme “light,” with a focus on architectural lighting. AEM, ASSIL, and APIL organized a competition that involved lighting monuments found in different squares in the center of Milan. The event focused on enhancing frequently overlooked monuments, furthering the knowledge of light in the city, and promoting design and creativity among young lighting designers. Cristiana Donzelli was awarded the monument prize for her lighting of the monument to Camillo Benso in Piazza Cavour. A creativity prize was awarded to Guido Bianchi and Jacopo Acciaro for their lighting of the monument to Vittorio Emanuele in Piazza Duomo (below). The pair used Clay Paky Golden Scan projectors with a 1,200W lamp. AEM and the Milan City Council also held a gala dinner at Palazzo Clerici that was lit by Clay Paky. Clay Paky Stage Zooms 1200 were used, along with CP Colors.

Photo courtesy of Clay Paky