Concept Design Productions Inc. (CDPI) creates and rents high-tech event environments, including striking AV support systems and screen surrounds. The company's newest product is a family of Plasma Stands engineered to allow design continuity and high-end corporate theater at all scales.

New Products Include:

The Plasma Light Box, consisting of 4'x10' powder coated frames with a large curved transparency/lightbox that can be inset with up to 50" plasma screens.

The X-Bow Plasma Stand--a one-sided stand that takes up to a 62” plasma on a curved aluminum grating span 6' wide and 14' high. This may be used with or without two 17' high angled aluminum pipes on either side as accents.

The Plasma Zones--large circular windows between graceful curved arms and are suitable for exhibit, marketing displays, corporate sponsorship or stand-alone large graphic opportunities. Applications include stage set and tradeshow exhibits, as well as special and press events.

All of the units break down easily for shipping.

The high-end corporate plasma display stands offer a stable and versatile solution, fabricated with all makes of screens in mind. They harmonize with the environment and enhance your on-screen material or presentation.

CDPI provides the plasma stands, as rental stock, with quantity and shelving/lighting accessories available.

If you are interested in these products, we invite you to access our website, and click Rental Stock, proceed to Plasma Stands.