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Themed Entertainment: Disney’s California Adventure

A brand-new Disney park has just opened–next door to Disneyland. Disney’s California Adventure celebrates the Golden State, its history, and its varied cultures. Entertainment Design looks at the Hyperion Theatre, the first legit house ever designed for a theme park. Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer and Theatre Projects are just two of the many principals involved. Two themed restaurants, Soap Opera Bistro and Hollywood and Dine, evoke the glamour of showbiz. The Eureka Parade, designed by Michael Curry (scenery), Edwin Pienky (costumes), and Paulie Jenkins (lighting), combines lavish floats and costumes with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and show control. Companies involved in these projects include ETC, MA Lighting, AC Lighting, Vari-Lite, Morpheus, James Thomas Engineering, Grosh Scenic Studios, SECOA, Irwin Seating, Wybron, Doug Fleenor Design, Yamaha, Peavey, QSC, EAW, Alcorn-McBride, Denon, Sony, Roland, Klark-Teknik, Tascam, Crown, Audix, Belden, Clear-Com, LCS, Strong, 360 Systems, and TMB. David Barbour and Ellen Lampert-Gréaux report.


Jane Eyre

One of the most technically complex Broadway shows in recent years features sets by John Napier and lighting by Jules Fisher and Peggy Eisenhauer. Scenery and scenic effects built, painted, electrified, and automated by ShowMotion, Inc. Additional scenic elements by Costume Armour, Showman Fabricators, and Hudson Scenic Studios. Lighting equipment provided by Production Arts and Vari-Lite. David Barbour reports.

House and Garden

When designers create environments for two interlinked plays, presented in two theatres simultaneously and with all cues coordinated, what are the special problems and advantages? Davi Napoleon reports from Chicago, where Alan Ayckbourne’s House and Garden opened in both of the Goodman Theatre’s new houses, featuring sets by Linda Buchanan, lighting by James Ingalls, sound by Richard Woodbury, and costumes by Mara Blumenfeld.

Film: Moulin Rouge

The latest mad visual feast from director Baz Luhrman (Romeo and Juliet), set in the decadent bohemia of Paris in the 1890s, but using a modern soundtrack, features production design by Catherine Martin and costume design by Martin and Angus Strathie. Jo Litson reports from Down Under.

Technology: Video Projection

Pete Putman takes a look at RGB/video signal mixers, a hot product for the concert and theatre world, discussing how they work and who makes them, including Folsom Research, RGB Spectrum, FSR, Analog Way, and Extron.

Designer Business: Tips for Load-Ins/Load Outs

A wide range of road warriors–from production managers to set, lighting, and sound designers to venue managers–offer a wide range of ideas for saving time, money, and headaches on concerts and bus and truck tours. Sharon Stancavage reports.

Centerline Q&A: Christine Strand

Cathy McHugh chats with the concert video director.

Show Distribution: ShowTech Berlin, Lightfair, InfoComm, and Showbiz Expo West

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