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Creating the dramatic and constantly changing looks of Madonna's Drowned World tour required a true commitment to teamwork from its designers, who include: production designer Bruce Rodgers/Tribe, lighting designer Peter Morse, video director Carol Dodds, sound designer Jake Davies and set engineer John McGraw. Participating vendors include: All Access Staging, Light & Sound Design, Clair Brothers Audio, Branam Rigging, Vari-Lite, Coemar, High End Systems, Nocturne, and Upstaging. Catherine McHugh reports.

DESIGNER ROUND TABLE: West Coast Lighting Designers
What happens when we bring seven of the country’s top lighting designers-Peter Maradudin, Trevor Norton, Anne Militello, Geoff Korf, Ted Ferreira, Karl Haas, and Tom Ruzika-together for dim sum in LA’s Chinatown? Plenty. Ferreira moderates this panel discussion covering topics ranging from unions to manufacturers to whether there really is a West Coast style.


100 Years of Disney Magic
It's Walt Disney's centennial year and Walt Disney World is celebrating with four new parades. At Disney-MGM Studios, "Disney Stars and Motor Cars" features the entire gang of characters riding in a series of outrageously customized cars. At the Magic Kingdom, "Share a Dream Come True" features a series of giant snow globes depicting Disney characters. Disney's Animal Kingdom comes alive with "Mickey's Jammin' Jungle" and the popular "Tapestry of Nations" parade is being reworked into "Tapestry of Dreams." David Barbour and Ellen Lampert-Greaux talk to the team members responsible for floats, costumes, and sound of these daytime park wide spectacles.

Cirque de la Mer
At Sea World of San Diego, a Busch-owned park, the new live show Cirque de la Mer is a highly stylized, colorful water pageant featuring acrobats, lush costumes, and evocative scenery. To house it, the old Bay Watch show at Sea World's lagoon was re-themed as the Amphibitheater. The show is a joint production of Scenery West and Sam Trego Productions. Scenery West developed the storyline and characters with creative consultant Ryan Harmon. Director of Design for Scenery West was Jodi Roberdes. Judy Rubin reports.

THEATRE: Urinetown
The most unlikely musical to hit Broadway in years, Urinetown is a musical spoof about a future society in which you have to pay to pee. Scott Pask's environmental setting required extensive reworking of the Henry Miller Theatre; the costumes by Jonathan Bixby and Gregory A. Gale spoof several genres of musical theatre.

DESIGNER BUSINESS: Theme Park Recruiting
How do the major theme parks attract the designers and technicians who work on their projects? A lot of it is through major recruitment efforts at trade shows. John Calhoun looks at the ways Disney and Universal recruit talent for their projects, and talks to designers who’ve gone through the process.

TECHNOLOGY: LDI2001 Product Preview
Our new technical editor Michael Eddy gives you a sneak peek at the Top Ten products to look for on the show floor in Orlando.

A chat with Phil O’Donnell, president of Strand USA.

John Tedesco of Phoebus Lighting.
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