Color Kinetics Inc. and Lamina Ceramics Inc. recently announced the signing of a global licensing agreement. Lamina, a manufacturer of LED light engines, will have access to Color Kinetics’ complete patent portfolio to continue the development and sale of its products worldwide.

Lamina offers multiple lines of LED light engine and driver OEM components directly to third-party manufacturers and through a network of distributors. Today its components power the LED lighting fixtures of more than 100 companies. Through the agreement, Lamina can offer its customers a licensed solution that provides the valuable features made possible by digital intelligence, such as additive color mixing through DMX control, among other innovations covered by Color Kinetics’ patent portfolio. Lamina customers who develop fixtures based on the Color Kinetics-licensed components will be covered under Lamina’s license as well.

“Lamina has established itself as the primary source for unsurpassed light intensity, with the ability to provide over 1,000 lumens from a single LED light engine,” says Frank Shinneman, president and CEO, Lamina Ceramics. “This agreement allows us to take our capabilities to a new level by adding, for the first time, digital color control to general illumination.”

“We’re very pleased to assist Lamina in its efforts to help drive the use of LED technology, which continues to advance faster than any other form of lighting today,” says Bill Sims, president and CEO, Color Kinetics. “The accelerating growth of our Licensing business is testament to the strength and breadth of our IP—the result of nearly a decade in researching and developing the core technologies that make intelligent LED lighting viable in numerous markets.”