Color Kinetics Inc. and Osram Sylvania announced last week an agreement whereby Osram Sylvania will license Color Kinetics’ patents for a product to be marketed by Gotham Architectural Downlighting, an Acuity Brands company.

Under the license, Osram Sylvania will create an intelligent, multi-color light-emitting diode (LED) system for Gotham. The global license will apply to sales of this product in all markets covered by Color Kinetics’ patent portfolio.

“This is a significant agreement for Color Kinetics,” says Bill Sims, President and CEO, Color Kinetics. “Earning the Osram Sylvania stamp of validation sends a strong message to the industry and reaffirms the value of the innovations protected by our broad patent portfolio.”

“The lighting industry is undergoing dramatic change as LED sources influence the design of completely new products and applications,” Sims adds. “The power of our proprietary control methods makes it possible to customize environments with light as never before, and we’re excited to see these techniques being adopted by long-established leaders in the lighting industry.”

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to license the Color Kinetics patents for this OEM opportunity,” comments Sameer Sodhi, general manager of the Osram Sylvania LED Systems division. “LEDs offer exceptional flexibility in the creation of new and unique lighting fixtures. Through this agreement, we are able to provide a complete LED system solution meeting the high standards of our OEM customer. This system is an important new product for Osram Sylvania and reflects our company’s focus on developing customized LED solutions.”

“Every Gotham luminaire is designed to enhance architecture and make our customers’ space more visually interesting,” notes Steve Wiese, director, Gotham Architectural Downlighting. “By tastefully integrating color into our decorative luminaires we offer visually distinct products that are relevant to modern interior design. LEDs make the use of color more interesting--we now can dynamically control the colors achieved and the rate in which they change, allowing designers even greater creative latitude.”