Color Kinetics Incorporated has been awarded a US patent that extends the coverage of its core methods for controlling LED-based illumination.

Issued September 7, 2004, patent number 6,788,011 relates in part to an LED-based lighting system comprising a user interface and an addressable controller that receives a network signal. The network signal may include such protocols as DMX512, a lighting industry communication standard. This allows control of color, intensity, and the creation of dynamic effects in both standalone and networked environments. The patent also extends Color Kinetics’ coverage of techniques for controlling the output of LEDs beyond pulse width modulation.

"This is a particularly significant addition to Color Kinetics’ patent portfolio, given its added protection of our fundamental control technology," says George Mueller, chairman and CEO, Color Kinetics. "This innovation underlies nearly all of Color Kinetics’ intelligent lighting systems, and we believe the additional coverage strengthens our competitive position while fueling potential for OEM and licensing relationships across diverse markets where the capability for intelligent control is increasingly valuable."

Color Kinetics now holds 35 issued patents and has more than 120 patent applications pending that range from core technology and products to high-level control systems, complete lighting systems, applications and methods of use.

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