Color Kinetics Incorporated, specialist in intelligent LED illumination technologies, and Targetti, a leading Italian designer and manufacturer of architectural lighting fixtures and systems, have announced their OEM partnership. In this arrangement, Targetti will incorporate Color Kinetics patented Chromacore® intelligent LED illumination technologies, which generate millions of colors and a variety of fully controllable lighting effects, into a new line of custom fixtures. The two companies also plan to co-develop new Chromacore-based “designer” lighting fixtures.

Color Kinetics pioneered LED-based lighting with its line of intelligent fixtures and controllers, which have been in use throughout the world in architectural, hospitality, retail, entertainment, and OEM and licensing applications since 1997. Targetti, a publicly traded, 400-person company founded in 1928 (Symbol: TGSKF), is a global leader in the interior and exterior architectural fixture market.

According to Color Kinetics co-founder, chairman and CEO George Mueller, this partnership will significantly extend the market for LED-based illumination, which experts predict could become a $50 billion industry. “Working with Targetti gives Color Kinetics powerful exposure in a new space through one of the most innovative and well known fixture lines on the market, making our technology much more accessible to the general consumer,” he notes. Lorenzo Targetti, CEO of Targetti Sankey SPA, agrees. “Our customers count on us to couple our design artistry with advanced technology,” he notes. “Partnering with Color Kinetics gives us access to the absolute best LED illumination technologies, expertise and intellectual property portfolio available, and allows us to provide a spectacular new design element to our customers.”

Partnering with industry leaders to expand its market base and enable exciting and innovative applications for Chromacore is a key strategic objective for Color Kinetics. The company has built OEM and licensing relationships with companies in the aerospace, automotive, bridge design, entertainment, and architectural lighting industries. Color Kinetics fixtures make their Broadway debut this month, in the highly anticipated new musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, designed by LD Don Holder.

Color Kinetics and Targetti are exhibiting at Light+Building 2002 in Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair showcasing lighting and lighting technology. Targetti and Color Kinetics plan to jointly launch the new product line in the second half of this year, which will be available through authorized Targetti and Color Kinetics distributors.