Coemar USA

announces an agreement with Compulite whereby Coemar will exclusively distribute all of Compulite's products for the US market effective May 1st, 2002. Coemar in Italy have always held close relations with Compulite and have even distributed products in the past, but never exclusively and on this level in the US.

Compulite is currently in the process of releasing its latest console - The Rave - to the world. The Rave is a complete departure - both in hardware and software - from previous Compulite consoles, and promises to fill an important "mid-range" gap in the automated lighting console market. The Rave is targeted towards clubs, stage, special events and any application using up to 40 moving lights plus 100 dimming channels.

By summer, Coemar USA plan to stock all current Compulite products and to become actively involved in the development of new Compulite products for the future. Marcel Fairbairn, of Coemar USA says "I've known the folks from Compulite for many years - dating back before the Animator was ever the world's leading moving light controller. I've always respected them as innovators and look forward to helping them to regain their market here in the USA."

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