Coemar UK's new 6,000-sq.-ft. (540 sq. m) office, warehouse, and demonstration facility will incorporate a full inventory of stock and spares, as well as a vibrant new product range, which has been launched over the last nine months. The company can be contacted at: KPC Business Centre, Unit 4, Canterbury Road, Ashford, Kent TN24 0BP, England, phone: 44-1233-636688, fax: 44-1233-660204.

When the company opened for business at its new facility on April 29, UK customers found price reductions on all Coemar stock. "Efficient streamlining of production under the new ownership and new UK distribution has meant lower prices from the factory to the consumer," explains Ian Kirby. "This, coupled with Coemar UK's efficiency in terms of overhead, means wholesale price reductions--and we want our customers to benefit from those savings."

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