On February 10th, an unprecedented spectacle had two billion viewers glued to their TV sets for the Opening Ceremony of the 20th Winter Olympics. At the Olympic Stadium the athletes paraded with their flags and their colors.

The official website of the Olympic Games references the “Italian style and creativity” that “will be on display through unique stage settings, massive choreography, amazing light effects and a memorable sound-track.” To achieve the visual spectacle, Andrea Varnier (TOROC Image and Events Director) and Marco Balich (Executive Producer Ceremonies) enlisted world-famous choreographers, stage directors, and costume designers.

Nothing in an event on this scale can be left to chance or to improvisation, so the technicians and engineers associated with Coemar (Light Contractor: Vittorio De Amicis for Agorà, L'Aquila; Light designer: Durham Marenghi) were hard at work for several months to ensure that the opening ceremony received the lighting choreography support that its worldwide TV audience deserved. It’s a remarkable challenge, with 4,000 sq.m. of specially designed stage and the requirement to accompany and enhance the large-scale, highly dynamic choreography representing Rhythm, Speed and Passion–the themes running through the show. Coemar provides most lighting for the show, specifically: 124 iSpot eXtreme, 64 ProWash 250 LX, and 370 iWash 575 MB.

A highlight of the ceremony was the choreographed performance by eight ice-hockey players skating at over 50km per hour inside the Olympic Stadium, with a spectacular 2-m long red flame produced by the latest in technology.