The lights of Clay Paky bore witness to the coronation of Miss and Mr Switzerland in occasion of two separate events, which occurred between 2005 and 2006. The first of these, the MISS SWITZERLAND pageant, took place at Locarno’s Palazetto Fevi in September 2005. The event received nationwide success, as it is one of the events most followed by Swiss television networks. International artists like Simply Red and Nek attended the pageant.

A series of large pieces of canvas provided the backdrop to the stage, which the director of photography, Giorgio Marioni, illuminated on the front with colors and from behind with effects. These ‘colored sails’ accompanied the musical acts while functioning as ‘backdrops to the contestants of the pageant.

The lighting equipment was exclusively Clay Paky products, including over 150 moving head projectors, richly equipped with lights ranging from the classic 300W lamps to the most powerful 1200W lamps (see the list below). EMME, the largest service company of Clay Paky products in Switzerland, supplied and installed the audio and lighting gear.

For the Mr Switzerland pageant, which took place at Chiasso, the director of photography, Carlo Genel, came up with a modular wooden set with backlit PVC panels. Unlike the Miss Switzerland set, the set was only backlit with color changers, with the aim of creating a theatrical lighting effect in support of the stage. A total of 180 Clay Paky projectors were used at the event, including moving head projectors, scanners, and fixed color changers.

Michele Alvarez, manager of Emme and lighting designer of both pageants, describes the products used for the event: “We had to respond to requirements that would satisfy both live and televised aspects of the event. The lighting design included a great variety of products both in type and power. Projectors were used for aspects of pure illumination, both static and dynamic. In an international event that combines fashion, music and costume and where “aesthetics” play a fundamental role, the lighting also has to be at its best.”

Both events were broadcast live nationwide by TSI Televisione della Svizzera Italiana.

Lighting Equipment list:

Miss Switzerland
10 Stage Profile Plus
24 Alpha Spot HPE 575
16 Stage Zoom 1200
34 Stage Color 1200
16 Stage Light 300
44 Stage Color 300
12 Miniscan HPE

Mr Switzerland
28 Alpha Spot Hpe 575
22 Stage Zoom 1200
26 Stage Scan 1200
16 Golden Scan
2 Astroscan
12 Stage Light 300
40 Stage color 300
16 Mini Scan HP3
16 Cp Color 400