Chauvet Lighting’s

ILS™ technology allows synchronization of different types of intelligent ILS fixtures via either a custom-built DMX-512 controller or in stand-alone mode. ILS (Integrated Lighting System) allows fixtures to be linked and work in synchronization, regardless of type, including ILS-equipped scanners, yokes, and color changers. All ILS intelligent fixtures can be synchronized in stand-alone mode or through a specially designed, user-friendly ILS-Con™ controller pre-programmed with 12 different and adjustable shows. The ILS-Con™ controller can also remotely set the DMX addresses of the luminaires. All units are also controllable via any universal DMX-512 controller. Conversely, the ILS-Con controller is a universal DMX-512 controller and can be used with non-ILS fixtures.

New fixtures with ILS technology include the Trackscan™ 250 DSR-ILS Scanner and the Trackscan™ 250DBR-ILS Barrel, both seven channel fixtures with an MSD 250W discharge lamp, microstepping motors, 100% dimming capability, nine dichroic colors, split colors, seven rotating and replaceable gobos (four metal, two glass, one effect). Colortrack™ 250DCR-ILS is a five channel color changer with nine dichroic colors, plus open (and split colors capability), rotating and replaceable gobos, and 0-100% dimming. The gobo wheel can accept a total of seven gobos and comes with four (two glass, one metal, one effect), two color correction filters and one frost filter.