The 2011 edition of the National Electrical Code has been available since last fall; and it is once again time to stare the tri-annual process leading to the creation of the 2014 edition. The NEC revision process begins by the general public (you) submitting proposals to revise the Code. These proposals are due on November 4, 2011.

In January 2012, the various code panels meet to consider these proposals and comment on them. These comments are published in the spring and are free to the public. The general public (again you) have until October 17, 2012, to comment on the code panels' decisions. The code panels meet again in November/December 2012 to consider these public comments. These decisions are published in a Report on Comments.

All proposed changes agreed on by the panels are then voted on by the membership of the National Fire Protection Association at their annual meeting in June, 2013. The new 2014 edition of the NEC will become available in the fall of 2013.

How can you become involved?

(1) Make suggestions by writing your proposed changes on copies of the Form for Proposals for 2014 National Electrical Code available in the back of the 2011 NEC, or download the form from In the upper left click on Codes and Standards. In the right center click on NEC Proposal form. Make sure you specify the exact wording change you propose and that you substantiate your proposal based on technical reasoning. There is an example in the back of the 2011 NEC.

(2) If you would like to submit your proposed changes directly to the NFPA send them to the address on the proposal form to be received at the NFPA headquarters by 5:00pm EST on November 4, 2011.

(3) If you would like to have your proposed changes submitted by the USITT Engineering Commission please send your proposals by September 15, 2011, to:

Ken Vannice, Chair, USITT 2014 NEC Committee
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
20497 SW Teton Ave.
Tualatin, OR 97062