Located in Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, Casa Bonaventura Ferrer, known as “El Palauet” and work of Catalan architect Pere Falqués, is an early 20th century treasure and an outstanding example of modernist architecture. Equipped with an infrastructure and technological base that allows it to host a variety of events, a customizable Martin lighting system lets El Palauet dress for any occasion.

El Palauet houses six separate entertainment spaces spread across two floors, in addition to a large discothèque, El Tinell, on the ground floor. Clients can choose from any of the spaces (from a large room for dancing to a unique space for holding company meetings) which are presented empty for the client to use as they wish.


Martin Architectural’s Spanish representative, ECLER, working jointly with installer EIM (Estudios y Montajes Eléctricos, S.L.), executed a dynamic lighting installation that brings to life both the magnificent façade and the interior of the building.

The intention was to create expectation and excitement using multiple lighting effects. Subsequently, ECLER employed Martin color changing lighting to give El Palauet a one-of-a-kind personality. One factor taken into account when choosing lighting fixtures was the preservation of the structural and aesthetic intent of the historic building. To this end, special care was taken to hide any fixture that might spoil the look of the era in which the building was constructed.

Dynamic lighting

The unique lighting experience begins outside. One of ECLER’s proposals for livening up the look of the façade was to use the old semi-basement coal bunker to light up the ground floor exterior wall. In this way, anyone passing El Palauet at night could better appreciate the building’s architectural form. Sixteen Martin Architectural Exterior 200 color changing luminaires and three full-range color mixing Alien 02 architectural lights bring the building to life. Combined with the building’s graceful architecture, the result is a powerful atmosphere that appeals to spectators’ emotions.

On the first floor, Martin Architectural Cyclo 02 fluorescent color temperature changers recreate natural fluctuations in daylight, while Cyclo 04 full color mixing fluorescent luminaires provide a simple dynamic lighting solution, uniformly washing surfaces in color and variable white light. Martin MX-10 scanners, Wizard effect lights, and MAC 250 profile spots provide an added measure of excitement and energy. Color on the exterior of the building and in the meeting/event rooms adapt to whatever the occasion calls for, for example companies bathing their event in corporate colors.

Basement discotheque

The spacious basement discothèque, El Tinell, features brick/stone walls and pillars, along with vaulted ceilings. Decorative color from Martin Architectural Alien 05 and Alien 05 Stem Mount color changers, as well as Cyclo 04’s, adorns the space. Additionally, ten Martin Inground 200 color changers located in the floor dynamically uplight the walls and arches.

The discotheque lighting was designed to enable the creation of a variety of staging options and therefore includes a bevy of Martin effect lighting including MX-4 scanners, MAC 250 profile spots, Wizard effect lights, Atomic 3000 strobes, and MiniMAC Profile moving heads. Again, the Martin lighting allows for color customization of each event. From a glass effect achieved with floor paint to the harmonious blend of movement and colored light reflected in the aged corners of the building, a unique combination of history and technology blend to create a truly special atmosphere.

Color changing skylight

At the back of the building a large, classical chandelier hangs in a two story space that was once a patio. Located between the ground floor and the back terrace, the space is closed off above by a glass skylight. The space has been illuminated from the inside using Cyclo 03 full color mixing fluorescent luminaires, the changes in tone creating an elegant but evocative setting for guests looking out onto the terrace.

In other public areas, the projection of motifs, images, or photographs give the various rooms an additional vibrant touch. In the reception and hall for example are Alien 05 color changers and CX-10 color and pattern changers working with Imager and MiniMAC Maestro image projectors.

Control of the Martin lighting at El Palauet is by a pair of Martin PC based LightJockey controllers. Up to eight different looks have been programmed, from subtle to more intense atmospheres, to keep the look fresh and inviting.