Baltimore’s recent Artscape 2003 Festival of the Arts was colorful and in control with High End Systems equipment providing the creative palette. Cannon Stage Lighting supplied 6 Studio Spot® 575 and 8 Cyberlight® Litho automated luminaires, and two Wholehog® III lighting consoles for the weekend event.

George Cannon Jr., owner of Cannon Stage Lighting

George Cannon Jr., owner of Cannon Stage Lighting, declared the event a success. “We brought in two Hog III units,” he explains. “One was to be a backup only. Programmers Zach Edwards and Paul Rosinksy would switch back and forth laying out conventionals on one desk and intelligent lighting on the other.”

Programmer Paul Rosinksy elaborates, “My reaction to the Hog III desk was very positive. The color picker for all my color-mixing Cyberlight and Studio Colors made things go so much faster. I also noticed that all the internal cues in the lights moved a good bit faster than on other desks. The tech support from High End was very helpful and understanding. All in all, I was very happy with this desk and am thinking of using it on a rock tour this fall.”