In an effort to help student victims of Hurricane Katrina who were attending undergraduate or graduate art, music, theatre, or dance programs in the affected Gulf Coast area, California Institute of the Arts will accept those students, free of charge, to continue their education while their schools rebuild and reorganize.

Many universities and colleges within the affected region may not reopen until 2006. Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should contact the CalArts Theatre Dean, Erik Ehn, at 661-291-3068 or

In other CalArts news, Bob and Colleen Bonniol of Mode Studios will be teaching a fall course in digital media design for the stage. Their company, Mode Studios Design Group, is dedicated to the creation of lit and projected environments for live events and permanent installations.

The designers are coming on board as part of CalArts commitment to building an MFA program in video/projection for the stage. Visit for more information.