Broadway Sound Master Classes speaker Robert Kaplowitz has been nominated for a Tony Award for Best Sound Design of a Musical for FELA!.

“I am immensely grateful to the community of sound designers who worked so hard to gain recognition for our work as art by the Tony committee, and to the committee for welcoming us into the fold,” he says. “I am always a
little bit challenged by the idea of how designs for totally different shows can compete - truly great design, it seems to me, is always anchored to the play or musical, and every piece of theater is so different that designers aren't really competing on any sort of level field. I guess what they're looking at is which designs are most well suited to their plays... anyhow - it's a real privilege to be working on such a high level, with such talented folks.”

Kaplowitz adds: “It's been a long process, and very challenging to keep everyone happy, while maintaining my own aesthetic goals for the show, and I'm really pleased to have the fruits of these labors acknowledged. I wish the best to all of the nominees.”

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