Welcome to the debut issue of Projection Now eNewsletter, the newest member of the Live Design family of products, where, twice monthly, our editors will provide breaking news focusing exclusively on projection design and technology.

We’ll include information about video and projection design and programming for concerts, theatres, clubs, and corporate events, as well as new gear, tips, and commentary from top designers, programmers, and manufacturers.

Each newsletter will also feature a guest column from our contributing experts in the field of projection design-Zachary G. Borovay and Jake Pinholster-both respected professionals in their own rights.

If you resolved to be nicer in 2007, then share this with a friend, colleague, or even a competitor! We expect to see a lot of great work from the world of projection in 2007, and with any luck, maybe you’ll see your own work here. Keep us posted and keep on reading.

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