ESTA (the Entertainment Services and Technology Association) announces the 2005 Eva Swan Award was presented to Wally Blount, director of entertainment sales and marketing for Columbus McKinnon Corp., for his exceptional service to the Association over many years. The award was presented at ESTA’s Annual Dinner on Thursday, November 10th in Orlando, Florida.

The Eva Swan Award is presented to a member who has put forth exceptional efforts in time, expertise and personal resources on behalf of ESTA; been instrumental in shaping and promoting the strategic direction of the Association; made major contributions to the realization of the mission, goals and objectives; and enhanced the value of membership for all.

The 2005 Award was presented by Mike Garl of James Thomas Engineering (a former Swan Award winner) who said, “The effect of a good leader is like a pebble in a pond, it spreads. What Wally put in the pond was much more than a pebble and the ripple effect of his work will continue spreading for many, many years to come. The person we are honoring this evening is a leader who has spent years helping others grow and helping them unlock their potential.”

Blount’s service to ESTA includes the ESTA Board of Directors, the ETCP Council, the Rigging Working Group, and the committee that wrote the Code of Conduct. Some of Wally’s most lasting contributions to ESTA are the many training seminars he led which taught us how to plan for and conduct productive meetings. As Garl said, “He also taught many of us a proven method of solving complex problems in a minimum amount of time. And as a true leader, dedicated teacher and skilled facilitator he then worked to show us how to implement the method. His follow through is always there.”

Garl concluded by echoing the sentiments of many in saying “The ESTA organization and everyone who has had the honor of knowing and working with this very special individual will forever be better off as a result.”